Fly2play gold tours to Juniah

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Fly2play gold tours to Juniah

Jounieh is a small Lebanese town in the suburbs of Beirut (21 km north). Before the civil war, Jounieh was a fishing village, and during the civil war between Christians and Muslims, many wealthy residents of the capital moved here. Jounieh became a real shelter for them, a way out of trouble, a place where they managed to save their lives and their business. Businessmen opened many cafes, restaurants, business centers, shops and entertainment complexes in Jounieh, which allowed the village to turn into a city. The construction was carried out very actively and hastily, in a fairly short time, a whole strip of high - rise buildings was erected, which was bounded on one side by the sea, and on the other by high mountains. But later they began to build up the mountain slope with high-rise buildings. Despite the fact that many casinos moved back to Beirut after the war, Jounieh still remained one of the largest entertainment centers in Lebanon. Both Lebanese and tourists from many countries of the world like to relax here. Jounieh is home to Lebanon's largest casino, the Casino du Liban, which opened in 1959. There were a lot of trips to Jounieh due to this option, and according to

Tourists do not have any problems with accommodation in Jounieh. There are quite a lot of cozy hotels of different categories. But they are somewhat different from hotel complexes in such popular countries for recreation as Egypt and Turkey, for example. The price of accommodation in Jounieh hotels includes only breakfast, since in Lebanon it is mostly customary to have dinner in one of the restaurants. In addition, here you will not find animators in hotels, and from entertainment in many hotels only a swimming pool. Although the undisputed advantage of Junie hotels is that they are located on the beach. And, despite these differences, staying in one of the hotels will leave only pleasant memories.

Jounieh is divided into three parts: Kaslik district, City Center, and Maameltein. Now a little more detail about what is remarkable about each of the parts of the town. Kaslik is the area where most of the cinemas, ateliers, fast food outlets and some entertainment clubs are located. The center of the city is Rue Min Street, where there are several banks, cafes, a large supermarket, carpet shops and a taxi stand. The city hall is also located here. In the Maameltein area there are hotels, a cable car station, elite nightclubs and casinos.

There are also several interesting sights in Jounieh that are definitely worth seeing once you come to the city.

The most famous attraction of Juniye is Mount Harissa. You can climb the mountain by funicular, which is called "teleferik", or by car on a regular road. The funicular is paid, but it is worth noting that the return road is more than 2 times cheaper than the road to the mountain. First, you go up in small cabins on the cable car, then, to overcome the last meters of the mountain, you need to transfer to the trailer, which resembles a tram. On the mountain, high above the Gulf of Junie, stands a statue of Our Lady of Lebanon. It was made in France and installed on the mountain in the 19th century. The statue weighs 15 tons, is made of bronze, and is now covered with white paint. Around the statue there are about 20 cathedrals and churches of various denominations represented in Lebanon. The statue of the Mother of God is located on a fairly high pedestal, which can be reached by a spiral staircase. The pedestal offers a magnificent view of the bay.

The churches located next to the statue also deserve attention. The Church of St. Anthony of Padua is the oldest one located here, it was built in 1628 by Franciscan monks. The newest building is the Maronite Cathedral, built in 1970. It can be seen from Jounieh. The architecture of the cathedral is interesting because the facade of the building resembles a cedar-a symbol of Lebanon, and the rear part is similar to a Phoenician ship due to the fact that it is made in the form of a frame. Not far from the Maronite Cathedral is the Church of St. Paul, made in the Byzantine style and decorated with beautiful mosaics. Many people come to Mount Harisa to see the colorful religious processions that take place here during religious holidays.

The road from Juniye to Beirut (about 13 km from Juniye) is crossed by the famous Dog River. The banks of the river are rocky and therefore in ancient times, when there was no bridge, the river was a great obstacle for the conquerors. On the rocks there are still inscriptions left by the rulers of different eras and countries (the Babylonian king, the Romans, the army of Napoleon, and others), who still managed to cross the Dog River.

You can pass the time in cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars, casinos, of which there are quite a lot in the city, as already mentioned. Junie is a good place for windsurfing.

If you are a lover of relaxing holidays, without an abundance of excursions to historical attractions, then Junie is the most acceptable option: comfortable living conditions, beaches, entertainment venues - everything you need for a good holiday.

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