Phrasal verb "Make": meanings and examples of its use

27.12.2020 15:12

One of the most famous verbs in English is the verb “make”. It means “to produce something by using a particular substance or material”. But when it turns out to be a phrasal verb, we might be confused by its meaning. Today we are going to learn and memorize all the meanings of “make”.

Phrasal verb Make: meanings and examples of its use

• to make something up:

1. To apply make up = наносить макияж. Example: Girls usually make up before going outside.
2. To create a story = выдумывать историю. Example: Kate was lying, she made up this story!
3. To become friends after quarrel = помириться. Example: Have you made up with Daryl yet?
4. To complete sth, be part of a whole = составлять, быть частью чего-то. Example: The group was made up of the students.
5. To prepare sth or sb for use = подготовить что-то или кого-то к использованию. Example: I made myself up and left the apartment but I forgot to make my bed up.
• make up for sth= compensate for sth or to replace = компенсировать или заменить. Example: She wanted to make up for her absence, but no one noticed that she wasn’t there at all.
• make off = to hurry away, to escape = сбегать, убегать, ускользнуть. Example: When the police arrived, the criminals quickly made off.

• make of sb/st:

1. To think, have opinion about something = думать, понимать, иметь мнение о чем-то или находить причину. Example: What did he make of this book?
2. To understand, to find a reason = понимать, находить причину чего-то. Example: I don’t make of his behavior.

• make for:

1. To move towards = направляться к. Example: The rain stopped and I’m going to make for the forest.
2. To contribute to = способствовать чему-то, приводить к чему-то, вызывать что-то. Example: Both players were professionals, so it made for a good game.
• make out:
1. To deal with, to manage = справляться с. Example: How did he make out with his uncle’s death?
2. To decipher = разобрать (почерк). Example: I can’t make out my mother’s handwriting.
• make out with = to kiss sb (slang) = целоваться. Example: My mother saw that I was making out with my boyfriend.
• make out to be = to pretend = притворяться, прикидываться. Example: I often make myself out to be a renowned writer but I didn’t write any book.
• make into sth = to change sth into another sth = переделывать одну вещь в другую. Example: Regular practice makes you into a fluent French speaker.
• make after = to chase = преследовать, пускаться в погоню. Example: The police couldn’t make after the thieves because they stole their car.

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• make sth over:

1. To do again = переделать. Example: The teacher made me do my homework over.
2. передавать, жертвовать. Example: He made over his house for use as a hospital during the war.
• make away with = to dispose of sb or sth = избавиться от, убить. Example: Jane suddenly made away with herself.


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